For transparent, strong, rich, harmonious and united Lithuania that protects and takes care of its every citizen. For Lithuania without corruption.

I swear to serve the people of Lithuania. I will not serve selfish interest groups, oligarchs or political parties.

I will serve the Homeland!


Candidate for President of the Republic of Lithuania
Saulius Skvernelis
Vision for Lithuania

For me and all of you Lithuania is home. Within my respect to our Homeland, I have been working my whole life for the best of it. And I have been doing my personal best for it: serving honestly. 

When I am asked about Lithuanian vision, I can share only a single one: all of us serving our beloved Homeland. 

Lithuania is much more than an occasional retreat of our country people in between their search for luck abroad. It is a special place that will attract our people back once they will start seeing the positive changes and strengthen their trust in the country that they can live and flourish here. That they can add to successful and harmonious Lithuania. 

This Lithuania of trust where budget is oriented to the well-being of a regular citizen instead of the interest groups that are trying to take over the national politics with shady arrangements. 

Here is no room for corruption. Justice is for all. No exceptions, no unfair protections. 

We are a society of free, independent people. Every person, every child, all the elder people and the families are protected and respected. We show our respect with deeds, not words. We respect our elderly by providing dignified pensions and quality health system run by doctors that are compensated adequately given their great importance and merit. 

Lithuania is internationally praised for its achievements. Our experience in rebuilding the regained country strengthens our whole region and the whole European Union. 

This is the vision for Lithuania and I encourage you to join me in working towards it becoming a reality. 

The reality, where Lithuania has its own strong course, which listens to its people and hears them, and where is no more room to serve the selfish interest of political parties or other interests that do no good.  

For transparent, strong, prosperous, harmonious, unified and protecting Lithuania that takes cares of all. For Lithuania without corruption. 

I swear to serve only the best interest of Lithuanian people, not the interest of oligarchs, parties and other selfish groups. 


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